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2022-12-08 00:12   Cuidado de Niños & Trabajo de Niñera   Polonuevo   89 vista Referencia: 877
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Casual Tight ShortsProduct color: noble pink, high-grade red, ocean green, matte black, violet, lavender
Casual Tight Shorts
Physical properties of spandex
Synthetic fiber with high breaking elongation (above 400%), low modulus and high elastic recovery. Chinese trade name of multi block polyurethane fiber. Also known as elastic fiber. Spandex has high extensibility (500% - 700%), low elastic modulus (200% elongation, 0.04-0.12 g / Dan) and high elastic recovery (200% elongation, 95% - 99%). Except for its high strength, other physical and mechanical properties are very similar to natural latex silk. It is more resistant to chemical degradation than latex silk, has medium thermal stability, and the softening temperature is about 200 鈩? Most dyes and finishing agents used for synthetic and natural fibers are also suitable for the dyeing and finishing of spandex. Spandex is sweat resistant, seawater resistant, and resistant to various dry cleaners and most sunscreen oils. Long term exposure to sunlight or chlorine bleach will also fade, but the degree of fading varies greatly with the type of spandex.
The reason why spandex fiber has such high elasticity is that its polymer chain is composed of a low melting point, amorphous "soft" segment as the matrix and a high melting point, crystalline "hard" segment embedded in it. Flexible chain segments form a certain network structure with certain cross-linking between molecular chains. Due to the small interaction force between molecular chains, they can stretch freely, resulting in large elongation. The molecular linkage force of the rigid segment is relatively large, and the molecular chain will not stretch indefinitely, resulting in high resilience.Yoga Pants
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