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1. Product Descriptions
Product nameWelded wire mesh cage
MaterialGalvanized Iron Wire, low carbon steel wire
Wire Gauge2.0-4.0mm
Size1mx0.5mx1m ,1mx1mx1m, 2mx1mx1m or custom
UsageBuilding external wall, water and soil protection
The electric-welded gabion net is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, and is formed by automatic, precise and accurate mechanical equipment welding in strict accordance with the BS1052:1986 standard. It is formed by electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, plastic coating, dipping or Galvanization. The surface is passivated and plasticized.
2. Advantages
(1) The electric welded gabion mesh has a smooth and tidy surface, a uniform mesh, and a firm solder joint. It has the advantages of strong firmness, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity.
(2) The electric welded gabion net is low in cost and easy to install. It is an ideal choice for garden decoration and slope protection.
(3) Have a strong ability to resist natural destruction and the impact of severe weather.
(4) Very good stretch resistance.
(5) The on-site installation of the electric welded gabion net is simple, quick and convenient, and has a beautiful structure, which saves time and labor and has high work efficiency.
3. Application Scenarios
Welded gabion nets are widely used abroad, mainly for park landscape modeling, building exterior walls, and outsourcing of commercial buildings. Application example: The exterior wall decoration of Shell Petroleum office building in the United States is now mainly used for urban landscape and park landscape in China. The electric welded gabion has simple construction, beautiful structure, low cost and easy installation. It is an ideal choice for garden decoration and slope protection and greening.
4. FAQ
Q: Why choose us?
A: Save Time, Save Cost, and Safety ! Each of our customers proved this!
Q: How about the delivery time?
A: Usually within 15- 20 days,customized order may need longer time.
Q: Can you offer free sample?
A: Yes, but usually the customer need to pay the freight.
Q: Can I have your products with my own logo on it?
A: Yes! Accept any custom logos, just send us your design in pdf. ai, or high res jpg. We would send you layout art with your logo on our products to check. The setup cost would be quoted per artwork.
Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, we have been in providing the professional products in wire mesh field for 14 years.Stone Cage Net suppliers
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Stone Cage Net suppliers
Stone Cage Net suppliersStone Cage Net suppliers