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Integrated Single Door Freezer Tiempo Parcial Trabajo

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Trabajo detalles
       Yihai Marine Service Co., Ltd was established in Qingdao in 2009, after years of unremitting efforts, focused and continuous development, We have become the professional One-Stop shipping service company.
       Qingdao main office锛?5 officers锛?000銕?warehouse锛?0boarding officers锛孍RP System, give you fast quotation, quickly packing, in time on board what you need.
       Our services include marine stores supply, food supply, spare parts supply, ship safety inspection service, voyage repair service, export trade services, logistics and other shipping services.
       We provide 365 days 24-hours service for all port of China.
       Lip stick to "The more efforts, to be more high quality service" of faith, is committed to providing customers with fast, reliable " One-stop" service solution, in the process of continuous development, embellish always don't forget the commitment to customers, continuously optimize supply chain solutions, for the long-term trust and support of our shipping industry customer's fleet to provide more and better service and more service value.Integrated Single Door Freezer
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YekaSport is a professional outdoor products brand. We advocate the