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Customized PP Woven Bag Printing Machine Tiempo Completo Trabajo

2023-02-20 22:04   Independiente & Freelance   Barbosa   20 vista Referencia: 881
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Customized PP Woven Bag Printing Machine The machine is suitable for printing plastic films and paper, and can complete multi-color printing by one step through color register , color printing and winding at continuous speed regulation ; the tension regulation of winding and let-off adopts automatic control . It adopts double drying tunnels withfar-infrared drying , which makes the drying faster , and has the advantages of quick printing , accurate color register and vivpicture . The finished product can be used for plastic packing bag directly , or I aminated with another materials to make coloprinted woven bags and cartons , etc . More Information for 8 Colors Rotogravure Printing Machine for Film Material with Vivid Effect: This machine is used to print BOPP, OPP, CPP, PET, PE, PVC, cellophane, paper, complex film and other films with same property. Printing Part A. Imprint Apparatus Imprint roller has an unchanged shaft, which can be replaced quickly Imprint type: Double air cylinder arm type B. Printing Roller Apparatus Installation: no shaft gas cap C. Scraper Apparatus Scraper apparatus can adjust structure in three directions Pressure of Scraper is adjusted by manual D. Ink Stand Apparatus Ink supply: printing plate is dipped into ink plate directly Ink plate does biaxial vertical rise and fall by manual E. Drying Oven Each color has a drying system independently Structure: totally-enclosed Heating Method: Electrical Heating Automatic constant temperature control is adopted F. Guide Roller This aluminium alloy guide roller is processed by oxidation treatment and dynamic and static balanced treatment. Type Width of printing ( mm ) Speed of printing( m / min ) Printing color Diameter of printing cylinder Precision of overprint Gross power( kw ) Weight of machine( kg ) ASY-6600 600 鈮?0 1-6 50-380 鈮?.12mm 21 6000 ASY-6800 800 鈮?0 1-6 50-380 鈮?.12mm 26 6600 ASY-2600 600 鈮?0 1-2 50-260 鈮?.12mm 10 1600 FAQ: Q: When can I get the quotation? A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please tell us so that we will regard your inquiry priority. Q: What kind of files do you accept for printing? A: PDF, Core Draw, high resolution JPG . Customized PP Woven Bag Printing Machine website:http://www.circularloomcns.com/pp-woven-bag-production-line/pp-woven-bag-printing-machine/

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Customized PP Woven Bag Printing Machine