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China Resin Candlestick Temporal Trabajo

2023-03-08 22:10   Ingeniería   Barranquilla   14 vista Referencia: 894
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China Resin Candlestick Product Details 鈼廌ifferent from other DIY resin candle holder,The general raw materials for large resin candlesticks are fixed resin, stone powder or any other antique raw materials, pour it into a mold for molding, cooling and demolding. 鈼廡he high-quality resin candle holder has a smooth appearance and elegant texture, which is very suitable for room decoration, The figure of the angel girl on the outside is carved quiet and moving, will definitely bring a dull room back to life. 鈼廡he creative white resin candlesticks has a groove in the middle , which can store the excess liquid of the candle without flowing out. 鈼廡he tall resin candlesticks looks classic and elegant, which is very suitable to meet different needs, such as home decoration, party decoration, wedding decoration, Christmas decoration, etc.. has a very classical artistry. 鈼廡heDIY resin candle holder fits all pillar candle with 2 inch diameter or smaller. Please note that this product do not fit taper candle. 鈼廤e are resin candlesticks wholesale factory. Welcome to place an order. Product Parameters Product Details Certifications CE Certification of Resin Pillar Candle Holders Our Company Art, when the word emerges on paper, our brains will naturally associate a series of works of art, and even their authors. When we ask at a deeper level why they become artists and works of art, we can鈥檛 tell them exactly This truth. What exactly is art? Art and beauty echo each other. The pursuit of beauty is also the pursuit of art, which is the process of pursuing liberation, pursuing progress, and pursuing art. Please let Artpop bring art and beauty to you and your friend. We provide customization service, and with environmental resin material . Besides resin figurines, resin candle holders, pet cages, resin creative sculpture and dolls all can be available. We have perfect production chain and various advanced testing equipment. No need to worry about quality and delivery time.China Resin Candlestick website:http://www.arts-dec.com/resin-sculpture/resin-candlestick/

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