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China Insulated Glass suppliers Low-e Insulated glass is combining two or more pieces of glass by aluminium spacer and the edge is sealed with high strength sealant. Normally low e coating at the surface touched with spacer. It can reduce the heat loss in winter and preserve heat in summer. Also it has sound resistance function. At RSG, insulating glass units are sealed with a primary and a secondary seal of silicone. Insulating units are designed to absorb stress on the unit caused by thermal expansion and pressure, provide a barrier to water and moisture infiltration, provide a gas-tight seal to prevent loss of any specialty gas fill and create a barrier that reduces condensation. Insulating glass can incorporate coated glass, ceramic fritted glass, laminated glass and other glass types which provide good aesthetic effects. RSG provide different types of insulating glass for your option: Features: (1) Insulation The thermal insulation properties of the insulating glass are mainly its thermal insulation of the gas interlayer, so that the temperature difference between the two sides is close to or even exceeds 10 掳C. This is because the gas in the interlayer is in a closed space, the gas does not convect, thus, convective heat transfer and conduction heat transfer account for only a small proportion of the energy transfer of the hollow glass. This effect in turn varies with the wind speed of the glass surface and the radiation of the glass surface. Insulated glass is the use of gas interlayers with a large thermal resistance, especially the formation of an air interlayer that does not cause convection, so that the energy exchange between the indoor and outdoor is greatly reduced, and significant heat insulation effect can be obtained. (2) Heat preservation Insulation of insulated glass means reducing indoor heat through its outdoor area during the winter, and the smaller the thermal resistance, the better the thermal insulation performance. If the glass is coated with a low-emission film, the radiation emissivity can be reduced to 0.1, and in winter, the heat radiated from the room will be reduced to provide better insulation. If the two inner surfaces of the insulated glass are respectively coated with a sunshade film and a low-radiation film, the hot sun is blocked in summer; in winter, the heat in the room is prevented from being lost, In winter, the temperature in the room is prevented from being lost, and the indoor warm winter and cool summer is achieved. (3) Anti-condensation & Reducing Cold Radiation Inside the insulated glass, there is a desiccant that can absorb water molecules, and the gas is dry; when the temperature is lowered, condensation does not occur inside the insulated glass, and the dew point temperature of the outer surface of the glass also rises. This is the biggest difference between insulated glass and double glass.China Insulated Glass suppliers website:http://www.curvedglasssuppliers.com/insulated-glass/

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